When I first heard of virtual races several years ago, my perception was of putting on some video game head gear while sitting on the couch watching myself “virtually” run a race. That doesn’t sound too bad, actually, but happily, I was very wrong!

Since the Covid-19 pandemic stopped or slowed down live races, I have been having fun and keeping fit doing virtual races. There is a county park near my home that has a track and plenty of open space for social distancing. Sometimes I go by myself with my earbuds and music but most of the time my husband goes with me and we do it together. It’s funny, even though we are retired and quarantined together 24/7, when we are doing our run/walk at the park, we find new things to talk about.


We also keep track of our races and our miles which, to be honest, you don’t really have to. Some races want you to submit your results, others don’t; but the truth is, it’s all on the honor system. You pay for the race and you get your medal no matter what. But why even do a virtual race if you don’t actually want to run? Plus I think for most people, integrity is more important than race time. Regardless…we enjoy putting our race list on the calendar, recording our times and submitting the results. Some virtuals have social media pages that encourage you to post your results, photos, etc. It’s all very encouraging and motivating to me.


Speaking of medals…Did I mention you get bling? Really good bling! I’m including a picture of the medals I’ve received so far. I’m still expecting 2 more from completed races and have signed up for 2 others in July. One of them is a 10k that my husband wants to try. It will be his first.


Another thing I like about virtuals is I can still support charities and causes I care about through my race registration fee. Every race I’ve completed in the past 3 months has donated some or all of the proceeds to benefit non-profit organizations.


A recap of the ones I have done so far are:

  • Five Star Tour de Forsyth, a 50-mile Challenge
  • Five Star PUM’D series, 5 5k’s in April
  • Quarantine 2020, Stir Crazy 19 Mile Challenge
  • Conquer Covid-19 Run
  • I Run with Maud 2.23
  • Five Star Memorial Day 5k
  • March for the Movement 5k
  • Summer of Love Stonewall 19.69 Challenge
  • Tiger 5k (because my high school mascot was a tiger. Go Wills Tigers!)

I miss the fun of live races and know that eventually I will feel comfortable doing them again. Right now, though, virtual races are filling the gap for me. They’re keeping me focused, keeping me moving & keeping me in BLING!


Happy Running!