The Tour de Forsyth is a 50-mile virtual progressive run that runs from February-April 25, 2020, in partnership with Forsyth County Parks & Recreation and Five Star NTP. The run has a 3-fold purpose: 1) promote fitness in our community; 2) introduce residents to the many beautiful parks in the county, and 3) raise scholarship funds for disadvantaged students to attend Parks & Rec programs.

I completed my Tour de Forsyth earlier this month and much earlier than I expected, thanks in part to the coronavirus quarantine. When I first began the Tour, I was mainly accumulating miles by doing Five Star races on the weekend while doing CrossFit during the week. With that schedule, I would have been hard pressed to complete 50 miles by April 25th. However, once the state shelter-in-place order began & my gym closed down, my only option for running was my local county park, Sawnee Mountain Park (not to be confused with Sawnee Mountain Preserve.) 

I love Sawnee Mountain Park. It’s a medium-sized county facility. It has lots of space but is never crowded, which is perfect for social distancing. The best part is it’s close to my house, which is great because under the order the track is the only thing open, meaning the bathrooms are closed!

My husband and I began going to the park several days a week in March. I competed my 50 miles on April 1st (no fooling:)! We really appreciate the luxury of having a local park during this unprecedented time in our lives. Being able to exercise is so mentally & physically beneficial, especially now in this time of fear, worry and the unknown. 

I pray that life will return to normal soon, whatever the “new normal” will look like. Until then, I plan to keep putting one foot in front of the other, literally and figuratively. I will continue to do virtual 5k’s & other runs, safely, and hope you will too.

Stay Safe and Happy Running!