(This post was written on March 15, 2020. The 5k was run prior to Georgia’s Shelter-In-Place ordnance.)

I ran the Lucky 5k yesterday morning. It was not without reservations. Because of my age, I am in the high risk category for COVID-19 and for the past week have been practicing social distancing. Everything has been shut down, i.e. churches, schools, businesses, meetings, concerts and most races. Five Star’s email before the race said the Lucky 5k/10k was still on and detailed the numerous precautions they were taking to keep everyone safe. I finally decided I needed some normalcy in in my life in the midst of this current state of fear and panic. What would be more normal for me than to do a 5k on a Saturday morning?


I’m glad I did. It felt good to be out there. It even felt good just putting my racing gear together. Normal.


The  COVID-19 reality and precautions put a more serious feel to the event, but it was great to see my racing friends (from 6 feet away:) and to still be part of something we all enjoy. I appreciated all the extra efforts by the Five Star staff and management team.


I hope that our lives will return to normal soon and making a decision whether to leave the house will no longer be my reality. I pray that we will all be safe.


Happy Running & Take Care of Yourself and Your Loved Ones,