One of the things I really like about doing 5k’s is that most of them have an altruistic component to them. Some races are direct fundraisers for a cause or non-profit and all net profit goes directly to that cause or non-profit. In addition to the monies raised, they bring awareness of the cause to individuals who might otherwise not know about it. Some races donate a designated portion of the monies raised to a cause or non-profit. Some races offer additional fundraising opportunities for race participants.

What I like about this is, you get bang for your buck. For your registration fee, not only do you get an organized, fun, safe way to run in public places, a built-in party, bling and swag, but you are also helping a charity or non-profit do its good work.

In August, I participated in 4 races that did just that:

Love Rolls 5k. All race proceeds and fundraising dollars go to Love Rolls whose mission is to provide the homeless with rolls of toilet paper, engage community participation, and promote youth activism. This non-profit was started by two young women, also sisters, who were made aware of the need after volunteering at food bank for the homeless.

Mustard Seed 5k. Proceeds benefit the children and adults with disabilities cared for at Mustard Seed Communities Nicaragua. The mission of MSC is to uplift the most vulnerable members of society, especially abandoned children with disabilities and marginalized communities.

SAFFT Foster Your Color Craze 5k. All proceeds benefit SAFFT, a non-profit organization that protects children, rebuilds families, and empowers caregivers.

Run Your Can Off 5k. This fundraising race benefits The MSG Foundation, who mission is serving the citizens in Forsyth County GA fighting to end hunger and human trafficking.

There are many organizations in the world doing good work. It is impossible to support them all. How wonderful is it to be able help while doing something you enjoy. By paying one race registration fee, you can support a good cause and benefit yourself physically, mentally and spiritually. That’s a Win-Win-Win!

Happy Running!

Getting blasted with blue at the SAFFT Foster Your Color Craze 5k