The Dog Days 5k in June was a special one for me for a couple of reasons:

1. My CrossFit coach did the race with me. She didn’t have to. She’s my CrossFit coach, not my running coach. But CrossFit people are kinda crazy obsessed with things, same as running people. Things like health, fitness, exercise and spending your free time doing things like running a 5k on a Saturday morning. They are also about one of my favorite things — camaraderie. She did it for me. Support. She’s 30 years younger and way faster, so naturally she finished before me. What did she do? Came back around for my last ½ mile to cross the finish line with me. Tribe. It’s not easy learning CrossFit at 62. It take a Village.


2. I was someone’s pacer! After the race, my coach and I were waiting for the awards ceremony and this guy about my age came up to me and told me I was his pacer during the race. He said when I sped up, he sped up. When I walked, he walked. He stayed a fair distance behind but kept up with me by my hair. You can’t lose sight of my shining white head of hair!

It kinda made my day, knowing that even as slow as I am, I was able to help someone else complete their race. Support.

The funny part was, after he told me, I pointed out to him the guy in front of me (also about our age) that I was pacing! Tribe.

Support. Tribe. Village. You never know where you might find it but it’s a beautiful thing!

Happy Running!


We both placed in our AG! Bling!