Races are addictive. They really are; at least for me, that is.

While they are happening, I’m hot, tired, hurting and hungry.

Immediately after, I’m stiff, sore, sweaty and stinky.

I’m last in my age group and walk away without any bling. I’m angry.

That’s it. I’m over this!

Doesn’t take long before I feel great, energized, happy & proud!

Maybe it comes after I’ve showered away the sweat and stink and my body starts to appreciate the effort it’s made.

My muscles aren’t screaming but feel nice and strong.

I can’t wait to do it again.

I immediately look at the calendar for my next race and if it’s not soon enough, I jump on the running websites to find one.

Races are addictive. Hook me up!

Happy Running!

I’m always happy when I get bling!