The end of a calendar year can be a time of reflection; a chance to look back at the previous 365 days and appreciate what you accomplished, then possibly set new goals for the upcoming year. When it comes to running, I had one clear goal for 2018: surpass the amount of medals I got in 2017.

Getting medals is not the original reason I started running nine years ago, but it is one of the driving forces why I continue. I just love getting bling! I was never a big collector of anything, so why this has become a thing for me, I don’t know. I’m glad it has because it’s certainly a factor that encourages me to race every weekend I can.

My 2017 count was 26, so obviously my 2018 goal was 27.  I ended the year with 31! My husband encouraged me to stop with I got my 27th medal; the logical reason being the more I get in 2018, the more I will have to get in 2019 to break that record. But yet, I couldn’t stop. I just wanted to get as many as I could. I guess I’ll just have to push myself even further in ‘19!

Getting medals is kind of a crazy addiction for me, but hey, there are lots worse addictions, right? Breaking bad habits, starting a fitness regime or sticking with the fitness is hard to do. Anything that is a proven motivator is good in my book; whether it’s feeling better, seeing weight go down or your medal collection go up. I encourage everyone to figure out what it is for you so that you will be successful in your new year fitness resolutions. Good luck!

Happy New Year & Happy Running!

Kerry aka CuteOldChick 

2018 Bling Total: 31