I learned some important lessons last Saturday at the Run Run Rudolph 5k. Simply put:

Prepare – Double Check – Backup

Some of this I did well. Others, not so much.

Weather is always a factor before a race. In Georgia, in December, the weather can be unpredictable. Case in point: We had a real cold snap the week before this race, temps in the 30’s. Two days before, warm weather decided it was coming back and we were up in the 60’s. The result of those competing temps is, of course, rain. The forecast for race day Saturday morning was 50’s and 100% rain. My deduction was, OK raining but at least it won’t be cold.

Prepare: Saturday morning I put on my capri tights, short socks, tank & light weight rain jacket. At least I thought I was prepared!

Double Check: Before leaving & spending a little time outside, I realized it was  chillier than I expected. I added a long sleeve shirt over my tank and changed to a medium weight rain jacket with hood. I added my visor to keep the rain off my face.

Backup: OMGoodness! I was so happy I had my running bag with me! In it I had my leg warmers and gloves that I put on at the last minute. The rain was torrential and despite the warmer temp I expected, it was SOOOO cold! In retrospect, I should have worn long tights to begin with and added my scarf and my Five Star moisture wicking cap.

After the Race

What I did well: I had a towel and blanket in the car. The towel dried me off some and the blanket protected my car seat and warmed me up.

What I didn’t do well: I didn’t have anything warm & dry to change into. I was literally soaking wet from top to bottom. My socks and shoes were soaked and my feet were freezing. I should have had at least a pair of dry socks and shoes to change into. Getting out of the wet clothes would have been nice too. Lesson learned!

Bottom Line

  • Dress warmer than you think. (You can always take things off.)
  • Have a bag of even warmer stuff with you. (Just in case.)
  • Keep a towel or blanket in your car. (Good idea anyway.)
  • Bring dry clothes/socks/shoes to change into. (Just do it.)

I have another race this Saturday morning (Five Star’s Reindeer Run). The weather forecast is 40 degrees and raining. Seriously? You can bet your bottom dollar I will be taking my own advice. As my mama used to say: I may be dumb but I ain’t stupid!

Happy Running!


View from my car before the race. So much rain I couldn’t take a clear pic.