In Five Star NTP’s October online newsletter, they included an article from Runner’s World Magazine entitled “Smash Any Running Wall in Your Way” (May 28, 2018, In the article they address several “walls” that runners hit, i.e. the Injury Wall, the Weight Wall, etc.

One wall they left off and one I am struggling with is the “Lack of Motivation Wall.” I have run slap into this wall, got knocked out and am currently laying on the ground unable to move. And it sucks.

How did I get this way? This is what I’ve come up with:

  1. Lack of a 5k for 2 weeks in a row. If I don’t have a schedule race to train for, I tend to get lazy and have no motivation to get out by myself and run. Sad, but true.
  2. October is a busy month and I’ve had other things taking up my running time. Again, sad but true.

So what do I do about it? Well, what I did was sign up for a 5k for last Saturday, even though I haven’t been training, hoping it would be the jump start I need. I (power) walked the majority of the race, which for me is sometimes faster than my running. But it did its job. It reminded me of why I love doing this. It was a beautiful morning. I was in the back of the field with another lady around my age and we talked. She had never done this course and I gave her info on it. I kept her up-to-date on our mileage. We talked about how many people feel like you have to be young & fast to do races and we are neither of those things. We’ve both learned that it doesn’t matter. Being out here and doing it is what’s important. “I beat everyone who is sitting at home on the couch” is one of my favorite sayings! We sprinted across the finish line together. I know it’s not what a lot of runners would consider doing during a race, but it was fun.

Also, there is nothing that gives me motivation more than bling & I placed 2nd in my Age Group. Ba-Bling!

I’ve got the 2-Bridges 5k in Chattanooga coming up this weekend and several more lined up after that. The only way for me to keep my motivation up is to sign-up. I need the event. I love doing 5k’s, even if I’m in the back walking. So that’s what I’m going to do.

Happy Running!


Me & my back-of-the-pack partner
Having fun crossing the finish line!