Summer running had me a blast.

Summer running made me so fast.

I found a sport crazy for me

When I got my first trophy.

Summer nights drifting away because of early morning runs.


I want more, I want more.

I don’t get very far.

I need more, I need more

Bling to feel like a star.


I run slow so I don’t get a cramp.

It’s so hot that my shirt’s always damp. 

Music’s on so I don’t get down

Listening to my feet hit the ground.

Summer sun feels great on my skin but I’m asleep before the summer night.


I want more; I want more

Bling to put on my wall.

I need more; I need more

Races with a big haul.


It will turn cooler but it won’t end.

More runners will come; my medals will thin.

That’s when I’ll make my running vow

Finish Medals required for my races now.

Summer runs harder than Spring but oh oh the Summer Bling!


Happy Running!


*with big apologizes to Warren Casey/Jim Jacobs and the Grease faithful

Working on Summer Bling collection at Dash of the Titans 5k, August 2018
Bling Collected from June-August 2018