If you run races, you know the importance of the race picture. The camera is always present, pre-race, the start, along the route, at the finish, awards ceremony, etc. Not to mention whatever selfies and pre/post pictures you take of yourself with your cell. It is part of the whole race experience & it’s so much fun! For the first few years of doing races, I took all the pics. I took the before-race pic at home (or I should say I made my husband take it); the waiting for the race to start selfie, the after-race, post-shower with race shirt and bling pic. All the pics! 

Of course, the pictures have to be posted on social media. If it’s not on Facebook, it didn’t happen, right? Because the pics will be seen by the world (really?) they simply have to be good. Everyone must see that not only did I run a race, but I looked good doing it! Before posting, pictures must be meticulously screened, cropped and enhanced before putting out to the waiting world. For the first few years, I even made scrapbook pages of my races!

I run a lot of races and it’s become tiring to do all that. Recently I’ve noticed that I have cut my race picture process dramatically. Gone are the before-and-after race pics at home or the pre-race selfies. I have enough. Now I just look up the official race company pictures & download them (if they are good).

Following this train of thought, I began to think about the bad race photos or perhaps the ones that are more “realistic” than the screened/cropped/enhanced ready-for-Facebook pics. This is who I am, the real me when running. In truth, I am the person that smiles and waves and celebrates when crossing the finish line, but it ain’t always a pretty sight! 

So…for fun and full disclosure, I’m posting some bad race pics; the ones that have most-likely not seen the internet. Keep in mind, these are bad but they are still on the computer, meaning they weren’t as bad as the ones immediately put in Trash. Those are  lost in cyberspace somewhere, hopefully never to be seen again. Enjoy & have some fun with your own bad race pics!

Happy Running!


Kali Shay 5k, 2014. In desperate need of a fashion upgrade. 
My 1st & only Triathlon, 2015. Pure exhaustion is not pretty.
SuperMom 10k, 2016. Close your mouth.
5 Krystals 5k, 2018. So how old ARE you, old lady?
Moonlight Dash 5k, 2015. Just No.
Stray Dog Strut 5k, 2016. Close your mouth…Again!
Follow the Leader 5k, 2018. This one would be good except for the clearly distinctive view of my 5 chins.