When we think of Spring, images of flowers, greenery, baseball & drinking tea on a porch are some of the images that come to mind. I have one other to contribute: 5k’s. Springtime is the busiest time of year for 5k’s, in my opinion/no scientific data here. And it makes sense. Lots of folks don’t like running in extreme weather, cold in the Winter & hot in the Summer. Spring and Fall are usually perfect for getting out of the house, or the gym, and pounding the pavement. It’s no wonder there are so many 5k races to choose from!

In Georgia, late Spring is basically early Summer. The temps are up; the humidity is up; the bugs are out, etc. It’s important to prepare for Springtime races like it’s already Summer. Here are a few reminder tips for enjoying running/walking in Spring (which is basically the same as Summer):

  1. Get out early. It doesn’t take long for the humidity & the temps to rise in the South.  The earlier the better for me. Most races are in the morning, so it makes sense to train then too, if your schedule allows.
  2. Dress appropriately. Even if it starts off cool, it won’t stay that way. For me, it’s loose fitting tanks and shorts all the way!
  3. Put on that sunscreen and add some bug spray, just in case. You may smell funny, but you’re going to shower after anyway.
  4. HYDRATE-HYDRATE-HYDRATE! I recently did a 5k where there was no water station (I know, right? In May, no water station!) Fortunately, I checked before going since it wasn’t my usual Five Star race, and was told there would only be water at the end so I was prepared with my own portable water bottle. Having water whenever I needed it was fantastic. Usually I don’t bother with bringing it if I know there is a water station on the route, but having one made realize how helpful it was to take a drink whenever I needed. I’m a borderline asthmatic who huffs and puffs a lot, so the extra water really helped!

I hope you have the opportunity to do some 5k’s this Spring and Summer. I’ll be at the Five Star Memorial Day 5k/10k in Marietta. If you’re there, say Hi. I’ll be the one in the back doing the run/walk intervals while huffing & puffing with my portable water bottle!

Happy Running!


Me at last year’s Five Star Memorial Day 5k/10k. 2017