I’ve been doing 5k races now for 9 years. I’m older & slower than most runners, do a combination of walk/run and still haven’t achieved the elusive “runner’s body” I had hoped for. But I have learned a lot about the sport of running in the last 9 years. Mainly, I’ve learned that I love doing 5k’s (& occassionally 10k’s).

The one thing that I hear the most from people, both younger and older than me, about the sport is “I would love to do a 5k but I’m not fast enough, or in shape enough or young enough, or whatever enough.” My response is always the same…You can do this. If you can walk, you can do this.

Most people think like I did, that you have to be a young, skinny, fast runner to participate in races, otherwise you won’t fit in. So. Not. True!

The elite runners are definitely out in force, but so are the rest of us. At any given 5k, there will be people finishing in the 20+ minute range up to 60+ minute range. And you know what? Nobody cares if you finish in the 60+ range! You will still be cheered on when you cross the finish line. In my experience, runners are very supportive of each other, not condemning of slower runners. I love it when someone faster than me gives me a thumbs-up or a “Good job!”

I think all of us who race know, to some extent, that getting up, getting there & finishing a race are accomplishments worth celebrating, no matter what age, shape or finish time.

Start walking & show up.

You Can Do This!

Me finishing last in the SuperMom 10k in 2016.
The supportive hug that followed!