I recently watched the 2015 documentary “From Fat to Finish Line” on Netflix. It’s the story of 12 people who came together to run a 200-mile Ragnar Relay Race, from Miami to Key West, Florida. The 12 individuals were strangers from different parts of the country who came together online; their shared experience of losing an average of 100 pounds each. Each person had incorporated running into their workout/weight loss experience and found each other on the “Runs for Cookies” website.

The description of the film on the group’s Facebook page is:
“Documentary about 12 former couch potatoes & a 200 mile race. They share their life-changing transformations & bond through laughter, stories and tears.”

We learn about how the group came together and how they came to take on the challenge of running a 200-mile relay race. Each person’s back-story is included; what they looked like before, why/how they lost weight, how they came to be a part of the group & what their experience was during the Ragnar. We also learn about the “Ragnar” which is something I had never heard of before seeing this film. 12 people running 3 legs each of varying length, 2 vans switching out, approximately 200 continuous miles. Crazy!

We see their triumphs, but we also see their challenges, i.e. heat, fatigue, darkness, fear, alligators (for real). They are regular people doing something spectacular, together. The together is the best part…the camaraderie, the encouragement, the love, the help.

I enjoyed the documentary and found it inspiring. No, I’m not ready to sign up for a Ragnar, but it does make me happy that I can be part of the sport of running and for all the many positives (physical, emotional, mental) it has brought into my life.

“From Fat to Finish Line” — check it out. Let me know what you think.

Happy Running!