According to what I’ve read about New Year’s Resolutions, February is the month they all go to hell in a hand basket. Today (February 3rd) in particular, is the day that people who resolved to eat healthier go back to eating fast food. When I heard that yesterday, I resolved very strongly to not eat at a fast food restaurant today (which don’t do regularly anyway…honestly…No really, honestly)! I didn’t want to be seen as one who had backslid. But it got me thinking about how the Resolutions tend to fall by the wayside in February. Why?

We made it through January, which is a very long month. We went to the gym, even though it was crowded. We did the early morning or late evening runs, even though it was dark & cold. We ate the low fat or low carb or no meat healthy meals, even though we wanted the fat, carbs & meat. We abstained from alcohol, even though we really wanted a drink. Now we’re tired and hungry and bored.

So, what do we do? Give up and feel guilty until next January 1st? Possibly. But what if we just kept trying? I’m not a doctor/therapist/nutritionist or holder of any degree that gives me authority in any of this. I’m just someone who has seen many January resolutions fall into February guilt. I don’t want to do that anymore. So I’m going to keep going & I encourage anyone reading this to keep going also. In reality, 31 days is not long enough to change a habit and make it a lifestyle. If you’re new to working out or running, your body is still adjusting to the physical demands & schedule changes. If you have adopted a more nutritious diet, your taste buds are still getting used to the new tastes & may not have accepted them as their own yet.

Let’s give ourselves and our Resolutions more time. Winter is already on its way out the door & those runs will be lighter & warmer soon. Give yourself an incentive. Sign up for a local 5k. Nothing encourages me more than putting on my running gear & feeling like an athlete. Even though I am slow as folk, I love being out there with my race bib on among the other runners, the other athletes. And sometimes you get bling & swag and that puts me over the moon!

Keep going to the gym. After all, the crowds should start thinning out soon. You should have the machines to yourself & plenty of classroom space. Keep up the healthy eating habits, but don’t deprive yourself. Splurge on those favorite foods occasionally. There’s nothing like feeling deprived to completely derail a healthy eating Resolution. If you can have the occasional drink, enjoy. If drinking too much is a problem for you, there are many good reasons, mental & physical, to remain alcohol abstinent. Find a new favorite, non-alcoholic beverage to enjoy.

Before we know it, it will be Summer and we will be feeling good and looking great in swimsuits & enjoying those roasted veggies on the grill!

Stay Strong & Happy Running!

Bling is the best incentive!