Tomorrow is the Five Star NTP Java Jog 5k/10k in Dawsonville & I’m doing the 10k. I haven’t done a 10k since July 2016 but in an effort to jumpstart the New Year’s races and my pursuit of bling, I chose the longer of the two. I like the idea of pushing myself beyond my 5k comfort zone and (honestly) think there will be less women my age in the 10k, thereby increasing my chances of placing in my age group. Getting medals is not the reason I began running 8 years ago, in my early 50’s. The goal at that time was achieve a “runner’s body,” which I know now is whatever body you have when you run; not necessarily the slim, trim vision I had in my mind. But from the first time I received bling (plaque, medal, etc.) for placing in my age group, I was hooked. Now I look forward to the chance that I might place and receive some bling. Confession time: I LOVE races that have Finishers’ Medals. I admit it. Guaranteed Bling! I know there are valid arguments against “Everybody getting a trophy” but at my age & in a sport that favors the young, I’ll take every trophy thrown in my direction. I’ve gotten lots of medals & I love everyone of them, but I always want another one. (Sounds like an addiction, doesn’t it?) I write the particulars of the race on the back of the medal, hang them on my wall and, of course, take a picture to post on social media. I also participate in virtual races, which means I purchase my own medal & complete the distance at the location of my choosing. My US Road Running New Year’s 10k will be completed tomorrow at the Java Jog. 1 medal guaranteed and if I place tomorrow, I’ll double bling. That’s a primo-win!!

Of course, there are many races I do that don’t have Finishers’ Medals and that I don’t place in my age group. When that happens I have to be a big girl about it & not sulk (at least not in public). I will congratulate the ladies whose times were better than mine, wear my race t-shirt with pride & appreciate my accomplishment for its own sake…(damnit) then check the calendar to see when my next opportunity is to possibly get more BLING!

Happy Running or Jogging or Walking or Whatever Moving You Do!


New Year’s 10k Medal US Road Running