I’ve had a bad cold & cough since the day after Christmas. It’s really sidelined my working out and my Resolution to hit the ground running in the new year. At last, yesterday I left the house and went to my local park and for the 1st time in too long of a time, I completed a 5k. I was slower than usual, walking more than running. I’m embarrassed to put my time, that’s how slow I was, but I did complete 3.28 miles.

Two things I noticed:
1. How great it felt to be back out. Normally it takes me the first mile to really start enjoying my runs. Not this time. It was immediate. I think because it had been so long since I’d been out, it felt great from the get-go. I just turned 60 (what a horribly BIG number that is!) and I am so thankful to be able to run, walk, exercise and keep myself as healthy as possible. The feeling of gratitude I feel when I hit the pavement is palpable.

2. The 2nd thing I noticed is how one simple, slow run can jump start activity in other areas of my life. Having been sick, I haven’t felt like doing anything, but as I was running, a list of things I wanted to get done that day came into my head and the enthusiasm carried over into action once I got home.

We all know that physical exercise…walking/running/aerobics/yoga, etc. provide mental as well as physical benefits. I had a chance to experience that this week and I’m grateful. Whatever your age and limitations, I encourage you to find some sort of physical exercise that works for you…and stick with it. The benefits you will receive will be worth it!

Happy New Year!