This past Saturday, I did Five Star NTP’s Police in the Park 5k. The location was Etowah River Park in Canton which also connects to Heritage Park. The 2 parks are separated by the Etowah River. The parks are very nice and have much to offer runners…nice scenery including a lovely bridge over the Etowah River, a mostly flat course (except for said-bridge which has a slight incline) and indoor bathrooms. Indoor bathrooms are always nice to have, as anyone who has stood in line to use port-a-potties will tell you!

I’ve done several 5k’s at this park in the past few months and have enjoyed each one. They each had a slight difference at the beginning, the most recent going out of the park and crossing the railroad tracks before coming back in. Each of the races utilized both parks giving runners a change of scenery along the way. Because of the size of each park, it’s not just 3 loops around the park perimeter like at some smaller parks. I know this because as slow as I am, I know how many times the faster runners pass me. (It’s ok; I wave and cheer them on & love it when they reciprocate!)

The other cool thing about the Police in the Park 5k was…well, the actual police in the park. A group of Canton police officers ran the race together and many more lined the Finish Line cheering us on as we came through. Pretty cool. The 5k was part of a larger, day-long event which offered entertainment, food and children’s activities. The purpose was bringing the police and residents together to build community support. Gotta love that!

5k’s are so much fun! Different locations, different causes, different reasons for running but it brings us together. I would be remise if I didn’t say how much I like the Police in the Park 5k women’s cut t-shirt & the medal I got for placing 3rd in my age group. This slow, old chick  loves bling and a small field in my age group!

I always enjoy starting a Saturday morning at with a 5k and am already looking forward to the Five Star’s Early Bird Turkey Trot 5k/10k/15k/Half on November 19. Haven’t decided which one I’m going to do. Maybe the Half (yeah, right hahaha!)

The police cheering squad! They were lined up on each side. Go Blue!