If road races were restaurants, 5k’s would be the fast food (but a healthy version in this metaphor:) They are plentiful, accessible to everyone, relatively inexpensive, not too time consuming and highly enjoyable. AND… you get a prize with your meal in the form of a t-shirt, snacks & the occasional BLING! What’s not to love?

Continuing this metaphor, 10k’s & Half’s would be your higher priced, sit-down restaurants where you are investing more time, money and effort, all the way up to the exclusive and extremely hard to get into, Full Marathon!

I live in the land of the 5k’s with the occasional splurge to the 10k. One thing I love about 5k’s is the abundance of them. 5k’s are popular everywhere and living in the South, they are year-round. Yes, it gets cold in the winter & hot in the summer, but neither are too extreme for the weekend 5k.

Most of the races I do are small to medium local races, but I do love splurging for the occasional big, national race at a cool location. Over the years, I’ve done the 7-Bridges Marathon/5k in Chattanooga, Run for the Bay Marathon/5k in Apalachicola, Outer Banks Sunrise 5k in Nags Head and the Publix Women’s Half/5k in Savannah. It’s a great way to turn a 5k into a fun weekend!

This weekend I am going to Charlotte, NC for the Run & Ride 5k at Carowinds Amusement Park. I’ll be meeting my sister & sister-in-law there. The race fee includes a 1-day ticket to the amusement park. We race on Saturday morning before the park opens, then spend the rest of the day in the park. How cool is that? 5k & roller coasters…Oh my!

As I say on the Home page of my blog, “It’s never too late to discover what you love.” While it may not be on everyone’s dinner menu, I can’t wait to go through the drive-thru and order up a slow 5k & a screaming roller coaster, please!