The Lion King kittens (Simba, Mufasa & Scar) came into our home on July 27, 2016. They were approximately 5 weeks old and were scrawny, hungry & flea-ridden. They had been in a kill-shelter in another county & some amazing volunteers arranged to get them out of there & bring them to the Humane Society shelter. Once they were brought in they were safe and their lives would immediately begin to get better. Now exactly 5 weeks later they are moving on to begin those new lives.

Simba and Scar have been adopted, separately, but to equally good homes. I know both of the adopters personally and know that each of the kittens will be loved and cared for. Mufasa hasn’t been adopted yet, but I know it won’t take long for him to get swooped up, once he goes to an adoption event.

I have loved them and am so happy I was able to have this experience with them. I’ve enjoyed seeing the changes in their little lives when just given a chance. They were all 3 at the same place at the beginning but now I see how they’ve changed, physically and personality-wise. Simba was so sick when he came to me & required lots and lots of medicines to get healthy. Luckily for him, his adopter followed his story from sickness to health on my Facebook page and fell in love with him without even a meeting.

I will miss them. I’ll miss their in-unison squeals when I go in to feed them, their running around the room during play time & their sweet purrs when I hold them. But the bitter is little and the SWEET is big. I know they are safe now. They are healthy now. They are happy now. And I know that there will be other abandoned kitties that will come to my foster room & squeal & play & purr. That’s the joy & the blessing of being a foster mom. And that’s a very big SWEET in my life!

Lion King Kittens, 9 weeks old & ready to GO!