Clowning around for the camera before my 1st race in 2009.

In March 2009 at age 53, I signed up for a Couch to 5k Program at my local parks & rec. My goal was to learn how to run & how to enjoying running (which I always hated) with the ultimate goal of achieving a “runner’s body.” My definition of a runner’s body at that time was thin but muscular & generally awesome-looking. Well, it’s been 7 years and countless number of runs, 5k’s & a couple of 10k’s and my body is still no where near what I considered a runner’s body! But more about that later…

What I did achieve was a tremendous love of doing 5k races. A crazy love of 5k’s. The 5-week C25k course in 2009 culminated in my 1st 5k, the Jay Cullen Share the Road 5k on April 25, 2009. I loved it! I loved everything about it, the excitement, the nerves, the camaraderie of my group, the crowd, the spectators, Everything!

I think it was my 2nd 5k in May 2009 that I placed in my age group and, oh boy, did that change the landscape. I actually won a plaque…me…53-year old me! Since that 1st race in 2009, I have participated in countless 5k’s. (I will at some point count them). In all honesty, I love getting “Bling” and I love “carb-loading” before a race. Major motivators for me! I know…I know, carb-loading is not actually a thing for 5k’ers, but I love pasta and any excuse to eat it without guilt is good to me. That’s my story & I’m sticking to it!

As for the Cats? Well, that’s a whole nother passion for me!

Welcome to my site — Will Run for Bling and Pasta!